PCEP Club Approval Process

Updated on 03/15/2024

Club Approval Process

f you’re interested in starting a new club, there is an application form that needs to be completed in order to be considered for the approval process to begin.  All clubs must go through the approval process before becoming an official club.  You can find the complete list of clubs and activities here.  Advisors: if there is any change to this please email Erin Le. (

We have made changes to the timeline to ensure that approved clubs will be able to begin for the second semester.  You can find more information on that process here. You will be notified of the decision before the start of second semester. 

CLICK THE LINK to find out how to join or start a club:  Clubs & Activities | Plymouth-Canton Community Schools


New clubs and activities are APPROVED ONCE A SEMESTER by representatives of P-CEP Student Congress and P-CEP Administration. In order to meet as an official organization, you must first be approved by this process.  Ready to Get Involved?  See the Why and How to Join a Club page for details!

Application Deadlines:

April 30th- for your club to start the following fall semester
December 1st- for your club to start during semester 2

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