Athletic Trainer

Canton High School Athletic Trainer: Ja’Lia Johnson, MS, AT, ATC NASM-CES


Office Location: Canton North Building


Concussion Awareness

Heat Illness/Prevention 

AED Locations at PCEP

Below is information on AED’s from the PCEP Nurse:

Do you know where your AED’s are kept in your schools? Do you know what an AED is? AED is an automated external defibrillator device.  We have 4 AED’s at the park and they are located:

  • Plymouth: Outside the cafeteria across from the Den
  • Salem: Outside the cafeteria across from counseling office
  • Canton: Inside the cafeteria across from the general office
  • Canton North: Outside the gym next to room 308

We also have one in the outside security truck for the afternoon and evening shifts.If someone is unconscious and not breathing at P-CEP you would call the security line for help at 2-2222 and start CPR. You would instruct them to call 911 and have someone bring you the AED. Make sure you give them your location.