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P-CEP partners with GoFan to Offer Cashless Digital Ticketing:

The Plymouth-Canton Educational Park (P-CEP) Athletic Department is going touchless for the following winter athletic events (basketball, gymnastics, wrestling, swimming). The new digital ticketing platform, GoFan, will allow our athletic department to operate more efficiently prior to the game and at the gate while creating a safer and enhanced experience for students and fans. 

The transition to cashless systems and digital tickets for athletics has accelerated during the past year. Digital ticketing and event management platforms have been adopted nationwide as the faster, more secure way for high school fans to purchase tickets and attend events.

Fans will be able to purchase tickets online through each school’s unique web page, which can be conveniently accessed through a smartphone or computer using a web browser or directly on the GoFan app. The unique link to purchase tickets for each event will be posted on the member school’s athletic webpage and the schools digital ticketing web page. Digital tickets can be displayed at the gate on a digital device. All tickets must be redeemed at the gate prior to entry.

We are confident that this change will improve the fan experience for buying and redeeming tickets while at the same time making event management much more efficient. “We look forward to providing digital ticketing at the following P-CEP winter athletic events (basketball, gymnastics, wrestling, swimming).

“We’re excited to launch our 38th state association with the DIAA and work alongside schools throughout Delaware,” said BJ Pilling, GoFan CEO. “High school sports bring communities together, and GoFan is honored to support that tradition.”

Helpful Resources

Family Passes/Student Pass

Some things to remember with the Go Fan tickets on your phone:

  • Do not use screen shots of tickets.  We must validate them when you get to the game and a screen shot cannot be validated.
  • Have your tickets pulled up before you get to the door. Wifi may not be as good in the gym and can become an issue with pulling up the tickets.
  • Just have the phone on the validate screen. Do not validate yourself.